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A Course From The Premiere Virtual Experience For Business Owners & Marketers Who Want Discover The “Launch Secrets” Of Elite-Level Internet Marketing Campaigns
Here's What You're Gonna Get With Your Offer LaunchPad 2020 Replays:
  • 3 Days of Cash Flow Strategies
  • Offer Launchpad Masterclass, by Steve J Larsen:
    Pt1 - What Is A Cash Campaign?
    Pt2 - Before You Build Your Campaign
    Pt3 - Finding Cashable Noise
    Pt4 - How To Make A Launch Campaign
    Pt5 - How To Make An Evergreen Campaign
    *Campaign Map Workbook Sessions...
  • Brad Gibb
    "When To Pay Yourself, When To Leave It In The Biz?"
  • Alex Charfen
    "Fixing Your Business To Increase Cashflow!"
  • Blake Nubar
    "From $0 To $7m In One Year, Without A List!"
  • Robbie Summers
    "How To Double Business With A High Ticket Offer!"
  • Russell Brunson's Exclusive Speeches 
    "Campaign Planning For Your Funnels"
    "Traffic Secrets Book Launch Plan"
    "Expert Secrets Book Launch Plan"
  • VIP Q&A Session
  • Speaker Panel Q&A Session
  • OfferMind Masterclass (how to design a lucrative offer)
    6 Speeches on Offer Creation Secrets

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Get This Event Funnel (Just $37): That’s right, to kick off Offer LaunchPad 2020, I’m giving you the funnel that started it all! You’ll have a chance to download it and pick it apart to see what works! I spent about $17,000 for my team to build this funnel SO YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL FOR NEXT TO NOTHING! You’re definitely going to want to see how it works!

How Much Different Would Your Business Look This Year If You Could Create Sales Out Of “Thin Air”...?

These Product Launch Strategies Have Been Responsible For 5-& 6-Figure Cash Windfalls... And Now I’m Revealing The Entire Playbook For The First Time In Front Of A Live Audience!

From The Desk of Steve Larsen
Eagle, Idaho

If you’d like windfalls of new customers when you launch your next product, program, or service, regardless of how big your list is or having the ability to shell out thousands of dollars on ad campaigns... 

Then this might be the most important opportunity you’ve come across to-date…

And in a minute I’ll share why.

But, before I do… I must warn you...

What I’m About To Share ISN’T For Everyone...
In fact, to-date I’ve only shared these underground strategies with a small, select group of other business owners. 
The TRUTH Is That...

While most entrepreneurs struggle to put all the pieces together on marketing campaigns and continue wrestling with bipolar ad networks…

There’s a lethal group of us taking advantage of a little-known “lost art” that allows us to:

  • Reach thousands of hot prospects flooding our funnels who are eagerly waiting to buy product, program, or service we put in front of ‘em
  • Get paid to build an email list of trigger-happy buyers 
  • And have massive 5- and 6-figure cash windfalls in our businesses

Plus, we do this all organically which means we’re not spending our life savings only to fall into the paid ads “death trap” that is currently rocking the internet marketing space.

17 Failed Attempts Later...

Imagine working for one of the best marketers in the world…

Making each pixel perfect on every funnel he launches…

Seeing those funnels generate millions…

Then, not being able to replicate even a sliver of that success for yourself. 

Sounds a little frustrating, doesn’t it?

But if you’ve ever slaved away building a funnel…

Only to have it fall flat on its face like a 3-legged horse at the Kentucky Derby…

I want you to know that it’s not your fault. 

In case you don’t know me…

My Name Is Steve Larsen

And I’m a 7-figure business owner that’s been through the “failed funnel ringer” a time or two.

In fact, failed funnels were the bane of my existence... 

Even as I worked for the Funnel Master himself, Russell Brunson!

A few years ago while I was the lead Funnel Builder at ClickFunnels... 

I’d wake up at the dawn of day…

Trying to furiously get my own offers off the ground…

Working several hours before my “9 to 5” even started…

Then I’d race to work so I could start my “real job.” 

It wasn’t until my 17th failed attempt that I realized...

No Matter What I Tried,
My Funnels Wouldn’t Work
It even got to the point I was ready to just give up...

My frustration and overwhelm trying to get this online marketing thing to “click” was at an all-time high…

But I just couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Interesting hook? Check. 
Engaging story? Check. 
No brainer offer? Check.

“So why isn’t this darn thing working?!” 

...I started questioning myself. 

It wasn’t until I went on a desperate mission…

Paying close attention to what Russell was doing BEFORE he launched new funnels…

That I ended up realizing…

That A “Funnel” Is Only
The Tip Of The Iceberg!

Yeah, kind of a big shock for a funnel nerd like me…

But after dissecting our entire “funnel building” process…

And realizing that I was merely a small piece of the whole pie…

I discovered what most marketers fail to understand…

Especially because their news feeds are filled with new opportunities everywhere they turn.

What if I told you that you don’t have an offer problem…

A story problem…

Or even a funnel problem…

Would you believe me?

Better yet…

What if the only thing holding you back from:

  • Getting an endless supply of free traffic from your funnels
  • Building a big list of buyers from complete scratch
  • Making more sales in a few days than most make in a year

Came down to one simple “pre funnel” strategy that will make even the worst funnel convert like magic.

If you want to learn my proven “iceberg” strategy for launching sellout products, programs and services…

Which has helped me generate $1.2 million in a single day from stage…

Or the time I used this same technique to make $102,000 in a week…

Then I wanna invite you to join me for the Offerlab LaunchPad Virtual Experience…

What People Are Saying About Steve's Previous Life-Changing Events
"truly transformational for me"
"BIG win for us today"
"never been to an event like THIS"
"best events I've ever been to"
"upwards of $500K in one weekend"
"no paid ads"
"closed a $20K deal"
"we've sold 30 spots"
"scored our first online close"
Offer LaunchPad Virtual Experience
The Offer LaunchPad is a virtual event on November 18th-20th where you’ll spend 3 days with me and my team of Launch Specialists where we’ll teach you: 
  • How to warm up cold audiences so that they’re sitting with their credit cards in-hand waiting to pay you
  • How to ethically “manufacture” social proof for your offers and create buying pressure… even if you feel like a small fish in a big pond
  • How to turn any validated offer into an evergreen cash flow machine that works for you 24/7/365

Plus, you’ll even get the opportunity to watch me behind-the-scenes and see the exact campaigns I’m using to sell tickets to the event!

Now look… I get it. 

There’s a whole lotta moving parts to this whole online marketing game. 

There’s funnels… ads… publishing… 


What seems like an endless amount of work to get done! 

But what if you didn’t have to mess with the headaches…

And you could get a brand new product, program, or service out the door…

Plus, make money with it this week!

How would that change your business?

Better yet…

How would that change
your life?

For me, learning the Art of Launching hasn’t only been responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for my business…

But it’s also made me extremely confident that if I had to start from scratch…

I’d be able to use these same strategies to get my business back up-and-running quickly…

Without having to worry about all of the moving parts of making a funnel work.

The truth is that you don’t need a funnel to make it rain online…

Because the real “money maker” is being able to get a sea of eyeballs on your offer…

Even if you’re using a Google Doc to sell the darn thing! 

What would getting 100… 1,000… maybe even 10,000 qualified prospects glued to your marketing do for you?

Do you think you could finally make some sales online? 

Maybe have your first 5-figure payday?

These Launch Strategies
Have Generated Millions

You can get “insider access” to them…

And spend 3 days with me and my “launch army”...

All for less than the price of that shiny new course that’s been following you around online. 

Here’s The Day-By-Day Breakdown Of The Event:
Take A Look At Everything You’re Going To Be Able To Experience ONLY At


The Leader behind the Get Rich, Give Back movement, The Capitalist Pig in the flesh, The Owner of the Million Dollar DaySteve Larsen.

After being the Lead Funnel builder at Clickfunnels for 2 years, his business passed the 7 figure mark after 13 months. Well known for his superpower of screaming “BOOM”, he uses it to shatter sales records, windows, and the confidence of people who believe money is evil.

If you are sick of launching products that sink quicker then Steve's expression when someone mentions taxes, you won't want to miss this event.



Introducing Brad Gibb, a Goldman-Sachs accountant turned business-owner turned investor. He is dedicated to teaching people how to tactically create cashflow in order to Rise Up, and Live Free.

If you have used the word “investment” in a sentence in the past two months, then you need to hear this financial wizard speak his magic.



Now presenting Alex Charfen, a very successful business mentor and public figure that has been in the trenches of entrepreneurship for 3 decades. A serial entrepreneur at heart, he has built, grown, and sold multiple companies (while also consulting for Fortune 500 companies].

If you are stretched way too thin and you NEED to scale, then we have a ticket with your name on it.



The Leader behind the Get Rich, Give Back movement, The Capitalist Pig in the flesh, The Owner of the Million Dollar DaySteve Larsen.

After being the Lead Funnel builder at Clickfunnels for 2 years, his business passed the 7 figure mark after 13 months. Well known for his superpower of screaming “BOOM”, he uses it to shatter sales records, windows, and the confidence of people who believe money is evil.

If you're ready for your launches to bring home the crispy bacon instead of bitter, frozen peas, it's time to stop reading this and order your ticket.


How do you generate $1M in sales in 25 days?

Welcome in Blake Nubar, notorious for his blindingly fast 2 Comma Club Award. In just a few short years, Blake has generated over $17M in online sales and helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch a successful funnel. Having worked with sharks from ABC’s tv series “Shark Tank” along with HG and AMC TV stars, Blake is on a mission to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom with an online business.

If you are even half-interested in paid media, e-commerce, and sales funnels, then don’t miss out and grab your ticket below.


How do figure out your sales processes without getting a stomach ache?

Get ready for some serious insight with Robbie Summers, the Head Of Sales at Clickfunnels (you know, that tiny self-funded hundred million dollar company). Robbie has been in sales for DECADES now, bringing with him a LOT of hard-earned experience that he is ready to reveal.

If you're tired of watching The Wolf Of Wall Street to motivate yourself out of generating profitless leads, Robbie’s insight in this event is a must. 



The Leader behind the Get Rich, Give Back movement, The Capitalist Pig in the flesh, The Owner of the Million Dollar DaySteve Larsen.

After being the Lead Funnel builder at Clickfunnels for 2 years, his business passed the 7 figure mark after 13 months. Well known for his superpower of screaming “BOOM”, he uses it to shatter sales records, windows, and the confidence of people who believe money is evil.

If you are ready to stop pulling out your hair every time you need to launch a product in order to make payroll, then join us below for a slice of sweet cherry pie à la capitalism.


How do you make $1M dollars with a laptop and an employee?

Ask Dan Henry, who went from selling $1.00 water bottles on the side of the road to a 2 Comma Club Award within 5 months. After building and scaling a FB ads agency, Dan taught everything he knew. A top-notch consultant in course creation and masterminds, he has helped thousands of people make thousands…and beyond.   

If you have finally decided to put your online business first, press that button with the beautiful red/orange gradient. 


This man truly needs no introduction…
but we’ll give him one anyway.

Russell Brunson went from getting his internet cut off to building a leading 9 figure SaaS company named Clickfunnels, which you are currently reading this bio on. Russell is a marketing maverick, best-selling author, and philanthropist that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs break free the 9 to 5.

If you have ever, EVER made a dollar online, then passing on this opportunity would be a massive mistake.

What People Are Saying About Steve's Previous Life-Changing Events
Warning: This Event Isn’t
For Everyone

And here’s why:

Launching a new product, program, or service takes work…

Which means if you’re looking for a “quick fix” to a deep rooted problem in your business…

Then the Offer LaunchPad likely will cause more hurt than help. 

To be quite frank…

There’s a reason that only the top internet marketers use these proven strategies in their business. 

They take work… 

A bit of finesse…

And some good ol’ fashion creative thinking.

Which means if you’re a business owner that isn’t willing to dedicate yourself to 3 days of marketing madness…

Then this event may be a waste of time. 

But if you’re a serious player…

You’re someone who’s looking to get to the “next level” in your business…

And you want to flip the “unlimited traffic” switch in your business…

Then this virtual experience will help you go from “funnel flop” to “go-to authority” faster than a bowling ball on a slip-n-slide. 

So if you’re ready to join us at the Offer LaunchPad 2020…

Click the button below right now to claim your ticket:

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is the Offer LaunchPad event for? 
    This event is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers who want to learn how to successfully launch and scale their products online. Regardless of if you sell digital courses, physical products, or services, the event will walk you through the exact strategies that I’ve personally used to help generate over $5 million in the last few years.
  • What are the dates for the Offer LaunchPad event? 
    The virtual event will take place on November 18th, 19th, and 20th. Access to the event is by ticket only and links to each session will be sent out prior to each session.
  • Can I bring a spouse or business partner?
    Absolutely! Every ticket holder will receive access links to the live sessions, which means we can’t control who’s sitting next to you while you watch. So if you have a business partner, spouse, kid, or dog that wants to watch with you, please feel free to bring them along for the ride!
  • Can I get a refund if I can’t attend the event?
    We are not offering refunds or the transfer of tickets for this event. All ticket sales are final so that we can have an accurate headcount.
  • What do I need to bring?
    A smile, a good attitude, and a passion for getting your product, program, and/or services out to the masses. The event will be jam-packed with some of the brightest minds in internet marketing, so make sure to stock up on pens, paper, and something to keep you hydrated throughout the event so you don’t miss anything.
  • Will the replays be available?
    Yes, replays will be available within 60 days of the event for all VIP Ticket holders.
  • Have other questions?
    Contact support at Do Not PM Stephen directly (honestly, he doesn't really look anymore as he's one hyper-focused mamajama)., ©2019+ All Rights Reserved
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